Big thank you!

  • I’d like to use this space to say thank you to everyone involved in making the podcast come to life. Gareth Evans  and EighteenSixty Productions for audio, Ally Oliver who took time to  help edit this podcast and gave me counsel, Martin Coward and Pixelwarp for design, Grace Kelly and Ella Chadney for fact checking. 


  •  Thank you to the professionals at the Lister Hospital who took time out of their day to contribute to this cause; Dr James Nicopoullos, Clinical Director and specialist in Male Infertility, Emma Whitney  (our embryologist), Zoe Townsend, Counsellor at The Lister Hospital,  Sonia Fuentes Lorente  (our ultra positive Embryo transplant nurse), Peter owner of (Trish’s reflexologist and confidant), Elizabeth Owen, Sonographer and constant pragmatist. Finally Alison Taylor,  our resident expert,  Fertility Specialist and Consultant Gynaecologist who confidently and compasionately  saw us through the whole journey leading to IVF success.


Thank you to my wife Trish for helping bring our daughter Rosie into the world and having the courage to battle through the tough times and give me strength and hope. You are our rock. 


And the friends and family that got us through the hard times, you know who you are. 


My final thank you, is to you - my listeners and anyone ending up on this page. I am hoping this gives you the light you need to get through the tough times you may be experiencing.