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A guide to needles (and bruises) in IVF

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Who knew fertility treatment would require so many drugs and injections? It was a bit of a shock to Trish and I as we aren't used to injecting or taking so many drugs, if you have diabetes or other conditions that require you to inject on a daily basis then you’ll probably find this part of the process quite easy. If not, however, it may seem a bit of a struggle in the beginning. But don’t you worry, Episode 5 has you covered with ‘Top Tips to Injecting your Partner’.

So let’s get into it, shall we?

Where to buy IVF medicine cheaply?

The easiest option will be to grab it all on your way out of the hospital, after what will probably feel like a very daunting meeting; realising the massive life change you are about to undergo. At this point you’ll likely be raring to go and want to get started straight away, I know we were.

So, you’re at the counter excited with your basket full of drugs and you go to pay… Well, let me tell you, nothing can prepare you for the amount they’re about to announce… £400?! I can’t guarantee everyone’s situation will be the same but it was certainly a shock for us, but hey, this is just how much it costs right?


I mentioned in the last blog that there are other, cheaper ways of ordering your drugs. We were told at The Lister Hospital to try our local pharmacy and see if they can get them in, this will save a lot of money overall. I suggest trying this one, and get your order in early so you can start as soon as possible.

So, now you've sussed out your money-saving tips. But then there’s the next question - how much do you need? It all seemed so easy when the nurses were discussing it with you but then you’re let out into the pharmacy and you haven’t got a clue how much you actually needed - you don’t want to get too much just for it to go out of date, but also it’s actually cheaper the more you buy! I mean, seriously, I now feel like some hard core drug taker that will pay any amount of money for the goods and buy in bulk.

All jokes aside, this part is exciting, it feels like you’re really getting started. It’s important to get the right amount of drugs and take them as prescribed.

What’s the point in fertility drugs?

If you’ve listened to episode 5, you will have heard Liz, our Sonographer, talk about the reasons for all these drugs and injections. Here’s a refresher: Trish needs to take the drugs to encourage the growth of her follicles, this is then checked with an ultrasound. From this the professionals can see how they are growing and changing, then they can make a prediction about when she will be ready for egg collection. Exciting, right?

At this point in the process it all felt very female orientated, there was a lot of ultrasound-ing and egg-monitoring, and honestly, it all seemed very confusing to me. I couldn’t see what I was supposed to see on the ultrasound, but I just wanted to be there. It was important to me to be a team with Trish throughout the treatment, even if I did feel a bit useless most of the time.

The IVFDad Insight

  • My personal experience with injecting, and I say this in the podcast, is to do it quickly, like ripping off a plaster. If you want to hear my step-by-step guide, give Episode 5 a listen.

  • Be patient with the process, I say this continually during the podcast. Follow the steps given to you by the professionals and do everything you can to understand what they’re asking.

Top Tip - How to inject your partner during IVF

Beginning to inject your partner will be a learning curve, so take your time and NEVER ask when they are ready. From my experience, no one is ever ‘ready’ to be stabbed with a needle. Just keep them informed, talk to them, and don’t try to surprise them either!

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