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Hope and some thoughts on IVF transfer day.

So, today I’d like to talk about Hope. I know it can be difficult to remain hopeful in fertility treatment, I’ve been there. But sometimes it’s the only thing that can keep you going when the results go against you.

Highs & lows of fertility treatment

Episode 7 is about Embryo Transfer Day - which is different to egg collection day as it's all about putting your “ hope” back in - literally. This is a positive and uplifting point in a process, which can have as many crushing lows as potential highs. Sometimes it can take years to even get to this point.

The moment you go in for a transfer and you see your embryo on a screen, you feel excited but nerve-wracked all at the same time. Then follows the longest 10 days of your life as you wait for a positive pregnancy test.

Episode 7 features Emma Whitney, an Embryologist who is both practical and informative, and a chat with the brilliant Sonia Fuentes Lorente, our ultra-positive Embryo transplant nurse. If you want some insight to the day or some positive and practical vibes, it’s well worth a listen.

The IVFDad Insight - When, if ever, should you give up on your dream?

The answer to this is never. There is always hope or a creative solution. However, I know that fertility treatment can be crushing and sometimes you need to re-shape your dream to get to what you want. For us ultimately, that was a family.

There’s a fine balance between following something hopelessly because it is all you want and it crushing you, and trying something different that may actually work alot better for you, but it wasn’t in your original dream. But only you can decide when you are ready to try something else. But it normally starts with letting go. It’s very much an individual journey.

Now, we are only halfway through the story at episode 7 when we were at embryo transfer day, so clearly it wasn’t smooth sailing. It takes a lot of courage, strength and hope to keep moving forward with no end in sight.

Top Tip

Remain hopeful. That positive mindset can help in so many ways. Know what your goal is but be prepared to have open discussions with your partner about what to do next.

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