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Fertility treatment can feel like an endless cycle

Updated: Jan 15

I think one thing that strikes you whilst doing fertility treatment is that months can turn into years and then rapidly speed up to an important moment in the process. In Episode 8 - Needles, bruises and endless IVF cycles, we fast forward through 3 years and countless rounds and embryos. It feels like an endless cycle.

Can you improve your sperm? An experts opinion

How do you sustain hope when your results and biological clock are heading in the wrong direction? In the episode, I look at further tests you can do to improve results in certain fertility tests. As always, I’m backed up by the experts - Dr. Alison Taylor actually talks us through the importance of the Sperm DNA fragmentation Test and explains sperm damage. Emma Whitney, the Lister Hospital Embryologist, outlines when is the right time for Genetic Embryo testing.

All of the specialists featured in IVFDad helped Trish & I through our journey. If you’re on a similar journey, you can probably agree that no decision in fertility treatment is straight forward, right? Of course you know you want a baby, that’s the end goal. But there’s a lot more you have to consider, things you won’t understand right away, or ever.

When is enough enough?

Like I said, IVF can feel like an endless cycle. It’s not a quick process, you have to make sure you’re getting it right. Drugs at the right time, injections, no sex on certain days. If you are determined to get your baby, keep going, trust the process. However, unfortunately, there may come a time that it just doesn’t work for you as you thought it would or you have to call time on it, to protect your relationship, finances or sanity. There is support out there and please don’t tackle it alone - check out Episode 10 to hear more on this.

The IVFDad Insight - The male perspective

In my experience, men don’t like talking about fertility much, especially when there is no news or bad news, that does mean that everything gets bottled up and released in one go though. The more places we can get the debate going consistently, the better. The aim of the podcast is to tell my story and reach as many people as possible who are going through a similar situation. It really is a rollercoaster ride and it needs talking through.

Top Tip

Ask questions. If you are to take one thing out of this blog, make it that you ask questions. No matter how big or small, get the experts to explain something if you don’t understand.

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